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ProExtender: Is It Really a Good Penis Stretcher?

ProExtender: Is It Really a Good Penis Stretcher?

proextenderPenis traction is one of the most effective methods of penis enlargement that is on the market today. It is extremely reliable, comfortable when done appropriately, and can give a guy noticeable results over a period of time. One of the leading products on the market today, ProExtender, offers guys the chance to own a traction device that claims to have a history of success. Is this information verifiable? Or is this just a plot to take your cash?

It’s the Cost That Hits You First

It’s a marketing gimmick that has been around for longer than the decades that the ProExtender penis stretcher claims to have been in existence. You jack up the intial price of an item and then put it on sale to make it seem like there’s a great value to be had. The reality is that the retailer is simply selling the product for almost the full price that they want! The ProExtender has a listed MSRP of $859.94, but they’re offering a 50% sale on the product for $429.95.

There are cheaper products that are designed the same way on the market today with the exact same features as the ProExtender. You’re paying for the brand name here, just like you pay for brand name prescriptions.


The Design of the ProExtender Penis Stretcher Is Out of Date

When the ProExtender was designed in 1994, there is no question that the design was state-of-the-art. As times change, however, technology gets better.

ProExtender attempted to stick with their design by adding comfort padding to the noose fitting that it employs, but there are better designs available today that are much more comfortable. X4 Labs and SizeGenetics are just two examples of this fact. Would you like to pay more than $400 for 20 year old technology? Or pay less for a modern traction device?

What’s also out-of-date is the website itself. Any time information on a website is not consistent, it should throw up a warning flag. When you look at this products website, go past the fact that stock photos were used for the models and look at the actual information. Is this product recommended in 26 countries? Or in 29 countries? And why does the picture of the doctor change when you are on different pages that talk about him?

Due Diligence Always Provides the Proof You Need

A website can be overly focused on selling the product to you, but still give you a good product. There can be typos in content today because the money was put toward product development instead of website marketing and it’ll be a great product when you get it. You can use stock photos to promote products and no one really cares. It’s when your information is inconsistent and out-of-date, however, that should make you become concerned about the viability of the product. When every single one of these issues is present, those are warnings that are difficult to ignore. is a good resource to check out before you choose a penis stretcher.

Does the ProExtender penis extender offer guys the chance to get a bigger, straighter dick? Undoubtedly. We’re not saying it’s a scam. We’re saying that you won’t get the same value from this product that you would with other similar items.

Effective Hair Removal For Men That Really Works!

Effective Hair Removal For Men That Really Works!

Some guys are fortunate because they aren’t very hairy at all. Most guys, however, have some serious hair issues that they are forced to address regularly. From bothersome back hair to the infamous neckbeard that can easily create razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and infections because the grain of the hair just can’t be predicted, a lot of guys face a painful journey to look their awesome best.

Are there ways that hair removal for men can be less painful? Is it possible to avoid the shaving, the buzzing, the tweezing, and even the dreaded manscaping so that you can feel awesome during the process of looking awesome? Let’s take a look below!


Electrolysis Provides Permanent Hair Removal

There are places where hair just shouldn’t be and when it grows, it can be:

  • embarrassing,
  • painful, or
  • both!

For a lot of guys, this means getting rid of the pelt that covers their back in sweaty warmth during the winter season. This might also mean removal of bothersome hair around the testicles, around the collar, or thinning out chest and arm hair so that you look less like a gorilla. Electrolysis provides a permanent solution because it literally kills the hair at the follicle, replicating male pattern baldness on other parts of your body that really need to have it. It’s about the same cost as other methods, takes less time over time, but does require a commitment.

Can You Endure the Pain of Waxing?

The world of waxing doesn’t just involve beeswax these days, so you won’t feel like you had a giant bandage ripped off your skin repeatedly to remove hair. Hair removal for men using waxing can include lotions that adhere just to the hair, sugaring methods, and even soy waxes if you so prefer. You’re not going to get away from the pain of the process completely, however, because every waxing method requires one thing: ripping the hair right out of your skin!

If you’ve never had a waxing session before, don’t do the manscaping first.

Have an Emergency? Go With the Clippers!

If you really need to get rid of some body hair quickly, don’t head for the razor. Although your face is generally used to the impact of the razor’s blades, more sensitive areas on your body aren’t so well adjusted. Your back and your genitals especially are sensitive to the micro-cuts that a razor can leave and this will cause a painful set of circumstances as you go about your business! Go for the clippers instead because when it’s done right, you’ll still get a smooth finish on sensitive areas without the redness or irritation that a razor tends to provide.

Are There Other Methods of Hair Removal?

hair-removal-for-menHair removal for men can also include laser treatments, depilatories, or your basic tweezing. All of these methods are effective, though there is a greater chance for irritation to develop using this methods.

Depilatories can last for several weeks and are good over large portions of the body, but the chemicals within them can make your genitals a bit sensitive in a bad way.

Laser treatments feel like a sunburn, while tweezing is just tedious and almost sadistically painful.

Hair removal for men can take many forms and some may be more successful than others depending on the hair that needs to be removed. Take action today, select the best course of treatment, and leave the first impression you want to leave!

Is Real Penis Enlargement Just a Myth?

Is Real Penis Enlargement Just a Myth?

Reality-VS-MythHow many times have you wished that your dick was just a little bit bigger?

Most guys think about it at least once in their lives. Some guys go as far as whipping out the ruler to see just how big their erection happens to be! There are some pretty audacious claims out there today that say you can grow your dick by 5 inches or more. Some say this can happen in as little as 6 weeks!

Is real penis enlargement just a myth? Is there any truth to these statements?

Myth: You can grow your penis by 5 inches or more.

Reality: It is true that by using modern penis enlargement methods that a rare few guys can experience upwards of 5 inches of growth. Taking just a pill to do this, however, isn’t going to happen. Penis pumps can give a guy some temporary growth that can look impressive, but for permanent results a penis traction device is needed. Penis extenders encourage the tissues of the penis to divide and grow and over time this results in a bigger dick. Most guys see about an inch of growth, some less, and some more.

Myth: Penis enlargement leads to a higher risk of cancer.

Reality: There has been no proven correlation between a guy’s efforts to get a bigger dick and the development of cancer, particularly prostrate cancer. There have been studies that have shown an enlarged prostate can lead to a higher risk of cancer development, but nearly all effective methods of getting a bigger dick don’t create these circumstances. Pulling out the cancer card is more about scaring someone toward a different method of enhancement more than anything.

Myth: Penis enlargement leads to disfigurement, weaker erections, and sexual problems.

Reality: If any medical procedure is performed incorrectly, something bad can happen as a result. Some guys are so desperate for a bigger dick that they’re willing to do virtually anything to make that desire become a reality. This can lead to tissue tears, scarring, and problems with erections because of that scarring. When done over a period of time, however, there is a lot of potential for a guy to achieve a bigger dick with very little risk whatsoever, much less scary stuff like this.

penis-enlargement-mythMyth: There is no way to make a dick bigger.

Reality: This simply isn’t true.

Even if you go from a medically pure standpoint and only go with absolute proof, there are surgical options that a guy can have performed than can add an inch or two of visible size to their dick. Even just a basic liposuction of the fatty pad that sits above the dick, an outpatient procedure in many cases, can give a guy an extra inch or more of visible size!

To completely dismiss penis enlargement is indicative of a personal bias.

When you eliminate the myths and focus instead on the reality of this subject, you’ll find that penis enlargement is possible. Perform your own due diligence, test what you read, and find the solution that works best for you.

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