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Are There Hair Removal Side Effects To Consider?

Are There Hair Removal Side Effects To Consider?

When you enter the bedroom to have a good time, are you afraid to take off your shirt because of the body hair that you have? For guys especially, back hair can grow in just as thick as their chest hair or even the hair on the top of their head!

This causes many guys to look for hair removal options so they can have smooth skin and a clean appearance, but could these hair removal efforts be causing some unwanted side effects?

Let’s take a look at what risks may be involved with removing hair from the body.

The Most Common Side Effect: Irritation and Redness

No matter what form of hair removal you utilize, the most common side effect that guys experience is irritation, itchiness, and redness of the skin. This happens for a number of reasons, depending on the method of hair removal used:

  1. it can occur because of damage to the skin itself as the hair follicle is removed;
  2. it can occur because of the skin’s reaction to a chemical or wax that is used; or
  3. it can occur because of micro-cuts that occur to the skin during the hair removal process.

In most cases, this side effect is relatively minor and will go away in an hour or two. For more severe cases of irritation, a full day may be required for the healing process to complete. Lotions, gels, and other creams can help to soothe irritated skin.

Another Common Side Effect: Painful Red Bumps

Have you noticed any red bumps that form when you shave your beard? This happens because the hair has been cut below the surface of the skin and it is attempting to come out through a new opening that doesn’t exist. This creates an ingrown hair and the effect is similar to that of acne. You’ll get painful red bumps, it may form a white head, and it may continue to swell as your hair continues to grow. The easiest way to solve this problem is to pluck out the offending hair if possible. Squeezing out any fluid can assist the healing process, but be careful: large openings that are burst can cause scarring.

Less Common: Blistering or Peeling of the Skin

If you decide to get a laser treatment or elctrolysis, blistering or peeling of the skin is listed as one of the side effects, but it is most commonly seen with a laser treatment because the skin itself burns.

You may also find blistering or peeling happening with a hair removal cream because for some guys, the skin reacts negatively to the chemical reaction that melts the hair away.

sexy-bodyIf you’ve never used a hair removal cream before, test it on an area of your skin first to see how you’ll react. Wait 24 hours before finishing the process! For the other hair removal methods, follow the instructions of your provider to reduce your risks of this side effect from happening.

Removing hair can give your skin a silky smooth feeling that a partner may find incredibly sexy!

Weight this benefit against these side effects to determine which course of action is the best for you to follow.