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Are There Hair Removal Side Effects To Consider?

Are There Hair Removal Side Effects To Consider?

When you enter the bedroom to have a good time, are you afraid to take off your shirt because of the body hair that you have? For guys especially, back hair can grow in just as thick as their chest hair or even the hair on the top of their head!

This causes many guys to look for hair removal options so they can have smooth skin and a clean appearance, but could these hair removal efforts be causing some unwanted side effects?

Let’s take a look at what risks may be involved with removing hair from the body.

The Most Common Side Effect: Irritation and Redness

No matter what form of hair removal you utilize, the most common side effect that guys experience is irritation, itchiness, and redness of the skin. This happens for a number of reasons, depending on the method of hair removal used:

  1. it can occur because of damage to the skin itself as the hair follicle is removed;
  2. it can occur because of the skin’s reaction to a chemical or wax that is used; or
  3. it can occur because of micro-cuts that occur to the skin during the hair removal process.

In most cases, this side effect is relatively minor and will go away in an hour or two. For more severe cases of irritation, a full day may be required for the healing process to complete. Lotions, gels, and other creams can help to soothe irritated skin.

Another Common Side Effect: Painful Red Bumps

Have you noticed any red bumps that form when you shave your beard? This happens because the hair has been cut below the surface of the skin and it is attempting to come out through a new opening that doesn’t exist. This creates an ingrown hair and the effect is similar to that of acne. You’ll get painful red bumps, it may form a white head, and it may continue to swell as your hair continues to grow. The easiest way to solve this problem is to pluck out the offending hair if possible. Squeezing out any fluid can assist the healing process, but be careful: large openings that are burst can cause scarring.

Less Common: Blistering or Peeling of the Skin

If you decide to get a laser treatment or elctrolysis, blistering or peeling of the skin is listed as one of the side effects, but it is most commonly seen with a laser treatment because the skin itself burns.

You may also find blistering or peeling happening with a hair removal cream because for some guys, the skin reacts negatively to the chemical reaction that melts the hair away.

sexy-bodyIf you’ve never used a hair removal cream before, test it on an area of your skin first to see how you’ll react. Wait 24 hours before finishing the process! For the other hair removal methods, follow the instructions of your provider to reduce your risks of this side effect from happening.

Removing hair can give your skin a silky smooth feeling that a partner may find incredibly sexy!

Weight this benefit against these side effects to determine which course of action is the best for you to follow.

Effective Hair Removal For Men That Really Works!

Effective Hair Removal For Men That Really Works!

Some guys are fortunate because they aren’t very hairy at all. Most guys, however, have some serious hair issues that they are forced to address regularly. From bothersome back hair to the infamous neckbeard that can easily create razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and infections because the grain of the hair just can’t be predicted, a lot of guys face a painful journey to look their awesome best.

Are there ways that hair removal for men can be less painful? Is it possible to avoid the shaving, the buzzing, the tweezing, and even the dreaded manscaping so that you can feel awesome during the process of looking awesome? Let’s take a look below!


Electrolysis Provides Permanent Hair Removal

There are places where hair just shouldn’t be and when it grows, it can be:

  • embarrassing,
  • painful, or
  • both!

For a lot of guys, this means getting rid of the pelt that covers their back in sweaty warmth during the winter season. This might also mean removal of bothersome hair around the testicles, around the collar, or thinning out chest and arm hair so that you look less like a gorilla. Electrolysis provides a permanent solution because it literally kills the hair at the follicle, replicating male pattern baldness on other parts of your body that really need to have it. It’s about the same cost as other methods, takes less time over time, but does require a commitment.

Can You Endure the Pain of Waxing?

The world of waxing doesn’t just involve beeswax these days, so you won’t feel like you had a giant bandage ripped off your skin repeatedly to remove hair. Hair removal for men using waxing can include lotions that adhere just to the hair, sugaring methods, and even soy waxes if you so prefer. You’re not going to get away from the pain of the process completely, however, because every waxing method requires one thing: ripping the hair right out of your skin!

If you’ve never had a waxing session before, don’t do the manscaping first.

Have an Emergency? Go With the Clippers!

If you really need to get rid of some body hair quickly, don’t head for the razor. Although your face is generally used to the impact of the razor’s blades, more sensitive areas on your body aren’t so well adjusted. Your back and your genitals especially are sensitive to the micro-cuts that a razor can leave and this will cause a painful set of circumstances as you go about your business! Go for the clippers instead because when it’s done right, you’ll still get a smooth finish on sensitive areas without the redness or irritation that a razor tends to provide.

Are There Other Methods of Hair Removal?

hair-removal-for-menHair removal for men can also include laser treatments, depilatories, or your basic tweezing. All of these methods are effective, though there is a greater chance for irritation to develop using this methods.

Depilatories can last for several weeks and are good over large portions of the body, but the chemicals within them can make your genitals a bit sensitive in a bad way.

Laser treatments feel like a sunburn, while tweezing is just tedious and almost sadistically painful.

Hair removal for men can take many forms and some may be more successful than others depending on the hair that needs to be removed. Take action today, select the best course of treatment, and leave the first impression you want to leave!

A Crash Diet: Is It Healthy?

A Crash Diet: Is It Healthy?

There are several crash diets on the market today. Some offer you the chance to lose up to 10 pounds in as little as 48 hours. Over time, juicing fasts and other liquid-based crash diets can help people lose upwards of 40 pounds in just 30 days. Whether it is for the beach, a wedding, or just for general health, these dieting options often seem like a great way to lose weight fast.

Crash-dietBut are they healthy?

That’s what is up for debate.

Losing Weight Has An Immediate Impact on Blood Pressure

For every 5 pounds of weight that you lose through dieting, it is estimated that you can lower your blood pressure by up to 10 points. That means if you can lose 20 pounds of weight when you’re overweight, you can reduce your blood pressure from hypertension levels. This reduces your risk of suffering from heart disease and other coronary and circulatory issues later on in life, especially if you can maintain that weight.

It’s not just the circulatory system that benefits from weight loss. When you weigh less, your body requires less insulin to turn your food into the sugars it needs to operate. Less insulin means less work for the pancreas and your digestive tract, which creates healthier conditions throughout the body. This is why you tend to have more energy throughout the day when you’ve dieted successfully!

Losing Weight Too Fast Can Have Serious Consequences

When you are losing weight fast, your body is consuming stored reserves that it has saved as a resource. These reserves, which are fat and muscle tissues, release ketones into your blood stream when they are consumed. Have you ever had the taste of a copper penny in your mouth when you were hungry? That’s your body consuming resources. Too many ketones and your blood won’t have enough oxygen to circulate throughout your body. That’s why long-term water fasting can create dangerous imbalances!

You might also experience:

  • dizziness,
  • trouble sleeping, or
  • generalized weakness.

Fast weight loss also tends to add more calcium components into your body’s system. This calcium is filtered out of your body and generally takes the form of gallstones. Although most gallstones can pass through your system without incident, some can become bigger and get stuck. This creates an infection and the gallbladder can actually die. Any inflammation in the gallbladder is considered a medical emergency and crash dieting is one of the leading causes of gallbladder formation.

Are the Risks Worth the Reward?

weight-loss-riskThat’s a decision that everyone must make on their own. For some people who are medically obese, the excess weight is more of a medical emergency than the concerns of a crash diet. For others, a slower weight loss makes more sense because that limits the risks involved. In most cases, a safe weight loss is considered to be a maximum of two pounds per week. With exercise and better eating, however, many people may experience more dramatic weight decreases in the first weeks of a lifestyle change.

Crash dieting may have some benefits, but it also has some risks. Weigh them both and speak with your doctor if you have concerns about your diet.

Workout Supplements: Weighing Benefits vs. Side Effects

Workout Supplements: Weighing Benefits vs. Side Effects

The benefits of taking workout supplements are clear and proven: by increasing your body’s energy levels, you can workout longer and harder. You can recover more quickly. Your body can regenerate tissues rapidly for added strength and even added mass!

The one variable that comes with workout supplements are the side effects that they sometimes bring. Not everyone experiences side effects, but some people do.

That means there is the potential need to weigh the benefits of the supplements against the side effects that may be experienced. Let’s take a look at what you might be looking at if you’re starting to use workout supplements.


Any Supplement Can Provide a Negative Side Effect When Abused

The first consideration to make is that taking overdoses of a supplement won’t help your body go beyond its peak performance. You have a maximum that just can’t be exceeded!

When you take too much of a supplement, any supplement, there is a strong possibility that you’ll experience a negative side effect. You can even get diarrhea from just taking too much Vitamin C during the day!

For guys, one of the most popular workout supplements to take is a testosterone booster. Having higher levels of testosterone in the body can often lead to:

  • acne development,
  • hair loss,
  • enlargement of the prostate, and
  • atrophy of the testicles.

These side effects are most often associated with steroids and synthetic hormone boosters, but workout supplements can provide these as side effects to a lesser extent as well. The other issue to consider is that if you’re taking a supplement to create more free testosterone, your body could decide to convert this into estrogen instead, which creates a whole new set of problems.

What About Supplements That Increase Energy?

From creatine to caffeine, one of the key components of a good workout is to have the right amount of energy to complete it. These energy creation supplements can stimulate the body to have additional energy, but some people may experience a shortness of breath, heart palpitations, tremors, and higher blood pressure. These work because they affect the adrenal glands and increase the amount of adrenaline that your body produces in a short-term period.

With creatine and caffeine especially, there are also side effects associated with them that are related to dehydration. Stimulants also work to purge water from your body, so if you’re not rehydrating yourself appropriately, you can develop muscle cramps, unusual fatigue, stomach cramps, and nausea. Whenever you take a stimulant, especially in a high dose, try to drink at least 16 ounces of water with it to reduce the risks of these side effects.

Although there can be side effects, many of them are brief, temporary, and considered by many to be worthwhile because of the benefits that they receive in a workout. Only you know your body and only you can determine the levels of stress that can be endured. Take workout supplements based on their instructions, evaluate your body’s reaction to them, and if side effects become bothersome you can limit their use. The benefits often outweigh the side effects – but that’s a choice you’ve got to make.