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Do You Really Need a Bigger Penis?

Do You Really Need a Bigger Penis?

For a lot of guys, the idea of having a big penis is one that would solve a lot of their problems. There is greater confidence that a guy has when his dick is bigger. There’s the idea that a guy is more attractive to a potential partner. Sex becomes better because a guy can give and get more pleasure. There’s also the fact that the larger penis size makes a man feel more dominant!


There’s still one question that needs to be asked: do you really need a bigger dick?

Some Say the Answer Is No, But Maybe You Do!

There are some guys who want a bigger penis just for the fact that they have a medical condition that is called “micro penis.” It’s a fitting description: it is diagnosed when a guy has an erection that measures less than 3 inches in size. If you’re bigger than 3 inches, then say a little prayer or thank Mother Nature or whatever it is you do because guys are diagnosed with this condition every day.

So let’s say your dick isn’t a micro penis, but it isn’t a majestic 7 or 8 inches in size when fully erect. Maybe you’ve got a skinny dick that would benefit from more girth in your opinion? When you look at information about the size of your penis, you should consider penis pills and sum up all of the benefits into three basic categories:

  • Your partner doesn’t care about the size of your penile, so your shouldn’t either.
  • It is medically dangerous to try to make your penis bigger.
  • There is no proven way to make a dick become bigger because if there were, the person who invented it would become a billionaire overnight.

What if there is a way to get a big dick safely, effectively, and reliably? What if you could add 1 inch, 2 inches, or even more to the size of your dick? If you’re not confident because the size of your dick bothers you, then maybe you do need to seek out some help to increase the size of your dick.

If There Aren’t Proven Methods, Then What Can Be Done?

The issue here is how you define “proven.” From a medical standpoint, proving a concept requires years of medical research, clinical experimentation, and long term follow-up in order to provide evidence of an effect. The research that has been done on penis enlargement has been in clinical settings, but not on a large scale. It is a recent field of medical study, so there aren’t long-term results to chart. To the medical professional, this means nothing has been proven.

bigger-dickFrom that perspective, hesitation is completely understandable! For a guy looking to get a bigger penis, however, there is a lot of information outside of the marketing gimmicks that are everywhere on the internet that show facts that have occurred instead of promises. By looking around you’ll see that by using an effective method of penis enlargement, you’ll get an average growth of about an inch. Many guys can see upwards of 2 inches! Some guys report very little growth – hence the average.

If you want a big dick, you won’t be able to know how big it can be until you try to increase its size. Choose a safe method, perform your due diligence, and find the method that will have the best potential to give you your confidence back.

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