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Do You Suffer From a Weak Erection?

Do You Suffer From a Weak Erection?

It’s a guy’s worst nightmare. There you are, getting ready to have some awesome sex, and that normally ramrod hard dick is less of a woody and more of a chubby. You can still achieve penetration with a chubby, but let’s be real here: awesome sex doesn’t generally happen when you’ve got a weak erection. You can achieve an orgasm, but you can’t truly maximize the sexual experience! What is going on when you can pitch a tent to its maximum height? Can it be fixed?


For Most Guys, a Weak Erection Means a Blood Flow Problem

When you get aroused, your erection forms because blood is flowing toward the sensitive tissues of your dick because you’re excited about the prospects of getting laid. As the blood pumps through these tissues, it literally gives power to your erection. The stronger the blood flow through your dick, the more powerful your erection is going to be!

Blood flow can be affected by a number of medical conditions, including:

  1. low blood pressure
  2. high blood pressure
  3. diabetes

Sometimes it is simply a biological function that is causing the weak blood flow, causing a guy to fall into an ambiguous category of erectile dysfunction. If there is a medical issue, the weak erection problem will clear up when the medical issue is resolved. If there is dysfunction involved, you may need to look toward other methods of help.

what-can-helpIf I Can’t Get It Up, How Can Something Else Help Me?

What helps your weak erection is a modification to the blood flow. You can do this in a number of different ways, from supplements that can help to improve your circulatory system to assistive devices that will literally pull blood into your dick and then keep it there. Some of these methods may not be as good as having a naturally hard erection, but if you can’t have sex now and you could have sex later on, which option is better?

For permanent help with a weak erection, finding a good ongoing treatment method is going to be your best solution. Some men might need medication to encourage the blood flow issue so that their erection can be rock hard once gain. Other guys might need to focus on their diet, perhaps some extra exercise, or work on lowering their blood sugar.

The bottom line is this: the more control you have over your body, the better your erection is likely to be.

Are You Ready To Solve Your Weak Erection Issues Today?

Every guy is biologically different, which means your treatment protocol needs to be individualized for it to be successful. If you’ve always had a hard erection, but now you don’t, then a trip to the doctor might be in order to rule out anything more serious.

If it has been an ongoing issue and there’s no serious issue, then utilizing the ideas above can help you find the right solution to your problem. Get back that hard erection and start having great sex once again!

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