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Effective Hair Removal For Men That Really Works!

Effective Hair Removal For Men That Really Works!

Some guys are fortunate because they aren’t very hairy at all. Most guys, however, have some serious hair issues that they are forced to address regularly. From bothersome back hair to the infamous neckbeard that can easily create razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and infections because the grain of the hair just can’t be predicted, a lot of guys face a painful journey to look their awesome best.

Are there ways that hair removal for men can be less painful? Is it possible to avoid the shaving, the buzzing, the tweezing, and even the dreaded manscaping so that you can feel awesome during the process of looking awesome? Let’s take a look below!


Electrolysis Provides Permanent Hair Removal

There are places where hair just shouldn’t be and when it grows, it can be:

  • embarrassing,
  • painful, or
  • both!

For a lot of guys, this means getting rid of the pelt that covers their back in sweaty warmth during the winter season. This might also mean removal of bothersome hair around the testicles, around the collar, or thinning out chest and arm hair so that you look less like a gorilla. Electrolysis provides a permanent solution because it literally kills the hair at the follicle, replicating male pattern baldness on other parts of your body that really need to have it. It’s about the same cost as other methods, takes less time over time, but does require a commitment.

Can You Endure the Pain of Waxing?

The world of waxing doesn’t just involve beeswax these days, so you won’t feel like you had a giant bandage ripped off your skin repeatedly to remove hair. Hair removal for men using waxing can include lotions that adhere just to the hair, sugaring methods, and even soy waxes if you so prefer. You’re not going to get away from the pain of the process completely, however, because every waxing method requires one thing: ripping the hair right out of your skin!

If you’ve never had a waxing session before, don’t do the manscaping first.

Have an Emergency? Go With the Clippers!

If you really need to get rid of some body hair quickly, don’t head for the razor. Although your face is generally used to the impact of the razor’s blades, more sensitive areas on your body aren’t so well adjusted. Your back and your genitals especially are sensitive to the micro-cuts that a razor can leave and this will cause a painful set of circumstances as you go about your business! Go for the clippers instead because when it’s done right, you’ll still get a smooth finish on sensitive areas without the redness or irritation that a razor tends to provide.

Are There Other Methods of Hair Removal?

hair-removal-for-menHair removal for men can also include laser treatments, depilatories, or your basic tweezing. All of these methods are effective, though there is a greater chance for irritation to develop using this methods.

Depilatories can last for several weeks and are good over large portions of the body, but the chemicals within them can make your genitals a bit sensitive in a bad way.

Laser treatments feel like a sunburn, while tweezing is just tedious and almost sadistically painful.

Hair removal for men can take many forms and some may be more successful than others depending on the hair that needs to be removed. Take action today, select the best course of treatment, and leave the first impression you want to leave!

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