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ProExtender: Is It Really a Good Penis Stretcher?

ProExtender: Is It Really a Good Penis Stretcher?

proextenderPenis traction is one of the most effective methods of penis enlargement that is on the market today. It is extremely reliable, comfortable when done appropriately, and can give a guy noticeable results over a period of time. One of the leading products on the market today, ProExtender, offers guys the chance to own a traction device that claims to have a history of success. Is this information verifiable? Or is this just a plot to take your cash?

It’s the Cost That Hits You First

It’s a marketing gimmick that has been around for longer than the decades that the ProExtender penis stretcher claims to have been in existence. You jack up the intial price of an item and then put it on sale to make it seem like there’s a great value to be had. The reality is that the retailer is simply selling the product for almost the full price that they want! The ProExtender has a listed MSRP of $859.94, but they’re offering a 50% sale on the product for $429.95.

There are cheaper products that are designed the same way on the market today with the exact same features as the ProExtender. You’re paying for the brand name here, just like you pay for brand name prescriptions.


The Design of the ProExtender Penis Stretcher Is Out of Date

When the ProExtender was designed in 1994, there is no question that the design was state-of-the-art. As times change, however, technology gets better.

ProExtender attempted to stick with their design by adding comfort padding to the noose fitting that it employs, but there are better designs available today that are much more comfortable. X4 Labs and SizeGenetics are just two examples of this fact. Would you like to pay more than $400 for 20 year old technology? Or pay less for a modern traction device?

What’s also out-of-date is the website itself. Any time information on a website is not consistent, it should throw up a warning flag. When you look at this products website, go past the fact that stock photos were used for the models and look at the actual information. Is this product recommended in 26 countries? Or in 29 countries? And why does the picture of the doctor change when you are on different pages that talk about him?

Due Diligence Always Provides the Proof You Need

A website can be overly focused on selling the product to you, but still give you a good product. There can be typos in content today because the money was put toward product development instead of website marketing and it’ll be a great product when you get it. You can use stock photos to promote products and no one really cares. It’s when your information is inconsistent and out-of-date, however, that should make you become concerned about the viability of the product. When every single one of these issues is present, those are warnings that are difficult to ignore. is a good resource to check out before you choose a penis stretcher.

Does the ProExtender penis extender offer guys the chance to get a bigger, straighter dick? Undoubtedly. We’re not saying it’s a scam. We’re saying that you won’t get the same value from this product that you would with other similar items.

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